Friday, October 15, 2010

Ever since I took my Perfect Protest pictue I've been wanting to change it.  Am I obsessing over it and wanting it to be perfect?  Probably.  I also want to tell why it is the way it is, but I'm resisting that.  The picture is just fine the way it is.  It's honest and true.

Each day I check out Brene Brown's Bog, Ordinary Courage.  From there I hopped on over to Gene Smith's blog this morning and just love what he says here!  I believe that the first sentence is something his Zen teacher said. 

Who you are right now is more magnificent than anything you could imagine turning yourself into.
Don’t wait another moment for someone to rescue you. You have the power. Turn your life on!

I am going to repeat this over and over to myself today.  I want to believe it.  I do believe it.

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