Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Baby had a Baby!

"It's so hard", she said. " First you go through nine months of an uncomfortable pregnancy, then 24 hours of really hard labor and delivery and then you come home and have to learn how to nurse and take care of a brand new baby when you are exhausted!"

I told her that I remember how hard it is and that she and her husband will get through it and the baby will be fine!  But daughter's don't always listen to their mothers.

On October 8, 2010 my baby gave birth to her gorgeous son.  I can't even explain how it feels to be a Nana.  What a miracle!

I've had the priviledge of staying with my daughter, her husband and the baby for a few days to help out.  They generally utilize me in the middle of the night when my poor daughter is totally stressed out, the baby is crying, and spitting up what he just drank.  The other night I finally convinced her to let me feed him a bottle so that she could get some rest.

The baby had his first appointment with the doctor and is doing very well.  He's almost back to his birth wieght and is getting the hang of nursing.  My daughter and her husband are very relieved.  Of course, I told them that he was fine, but they needed to hear it from a professional.

I understand.  22 years ago when my daughter was born I wouldn't let my mother tell me anything, let alone help.  Darn pride!

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